Design Review Committee Questions

When Do I Have To File A Design Review Improvement Request For Approval Form with the Design Review Committee (DRC)?

Any exterior alteration or addition to your house and/or landscape requires the submission of a Design Review Committee Request for Approval Form to the Design Review Committee for Copperleaf Homeowners Association (DRC). This includes the front, back and side yards. Forms may be obtained by calling the property manager at 303-429-2611 or you may print out the on-line version of the form by clicking here. You may access specific guidelines concerning DRC issues (the Residential Improvement Design Guidelines) by clicking here.

How Long Does It Take The Design Review Committee (DRC) To Review My Request?

The governing documents for Copperleaf Homeowners Association allow the DRC 45 days to review your request, however, most requests are handled in 7-10 business days. The DRC does not wait for monthly meetings to review requests. Requests are generally distributed to DRC members on the same business day that they are received in the management company's office. Incomplete requests are returned to the homeowner, delaying the review process. Please read the instructions thoroughly and provide detailed information.

Homeowners who proceed with their improvement without the approval of the DRC do so at their own risk.

Who Should I Call With My Design Review Committee (DRC) Questions?

The management company is the proper office to call when you have DRC questions. Please do not attempt to contact our volunteer DRC members. Requests and questions must be routed through the property manager at 303-429-2611. Requests for Approval may be faxed to 303-429-2632.