General Questions

Are the Homes in Copperleaf Homeowners Association Located in the City of Centennial, or in the City of Aurora, or in Unincorporated Arapahoe County?

The homes in Copperleaf are all located in unincorporated Arapahoe County with a Centennial mailing address.

How Many Homes Will Be Constructed in the Copperleaf Homeowners Association?

Current plans for the project include approximately 4835 units as follows:

  • 2,369 single-family detached units
  • 267 single-family attached units
  • 603 multi-family units
  • 1,596 Town Centre units.

Is the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District the Same Entity as the Arapahoe County Park and Recreation District?

No, these are two totally different governmental agencies with different responsibilities. Click here for information about Arapahoe Park & Rec. District amenities.

Homeowner's Association Questions

Who Is The Management Company For Copperleaf Homeowners Association?

Vista Management Associates is the management company for the Association. They prepare the monthly financial statements, collect semi-annual assessments, and prepare account status letters for title companies. Additional duties include conducting regular neighborhood inspections for covenant infractions, assisting the Board with meeting preparation, preparing meeting minutes, maintaining Association books and records, bidding contracts for the Board’s consideration, and providing oversight of contractor performance, to name just a few of their activities.

Vista Management Associates, Inc.
8700 Turnpike Drive, #230
Westminster, CO 80031
303.429.2611 — Office
303.429.2632 — Fax

When Are My Assessments Due And What Do They Pay For?

Semi-annual assessments are due on the first (1st) day of January and July each year. If payment is not received by the 15th of the month, a late fee of $20.00 will be assessed to your account for each month your payment is late. An invoice for each semi-annual period is sent to you in mid- December and mid-June of each year. Members must be �in good standing� (i.e., no delinquent assessments and no unresolved covenant violations) in order to use The Arboretum facilities.

Your assessments pay for maintenance and repair of common area elements for which the Association is responsible. Line item expenses for the various items are outlined in the annual Budget. You may click here to print the on-line version of the current Budget.

Can I Install A Satellite Dish Or Cable TV?

Yes, you may install a satellite dish and/or cable TV per the provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, as amended. Simply stated, homeowners are allowed to install a “dish” antenna that is one meter (39″) or less in diameter and is designed to receive direct broadcast satellite service, including direct-to-home satellite service. Any satellite dishes and antennas over one meter (39″) are not covered by the Act and are therefore still prohibited in Copperleaf Homeowners Association. The Act and Guidelines permit some regulation by the Association, such as the means, method and location of the dish or antenna installation, as long as no “unreasonable” delay or cost is involved. The Association can still require compliance with building codes, unobtrusive placement, painting, camouflage and other reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the installation and minimize the visual effect on the community. Residents are requested to be sensitive to their neighbors and work with the installers to choose an aesthetically pleasing location so that property values are not adversely affected. Homeowners are asked to hide coaxial cable behind brick, wood trim, gutters, downspouts, landscaping, etc. so that the least amount of cable is visible to neighbors and drive-by traffic. You do not have to submit an application to the DRC in order to install a satellite “dish” antenna that is one meter (39″) or less in diameter.

What Can The Association Do To Help Me Control Solicitations In My Neighborhood?

If you are a Copperleaf Homeowners Association resident who is constantly targeted by door-to-door solicitors, please be aware that there are laws about criminal trespass and harassment that allow private homeowners to file complaints against individuals and the companies they represent. If you are having a problem with the solicitor or door-to-door sales person, please call the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department (720-874-3600). The best advise from law enforcement is to avoid the solicitor by refusing to open your door to a person you do not know or recognize and always call law enforcement if you see any suspicious behavior. Individuals may also post a small “No Soliciting” sign by their front door.

How Often Is The Copperleaf Newsletter Published?

Once the Association has a reasonable number of residents living in the community, the Board intends to publish a newsletter on a quarterly basis, although from time-to-time, the Board may direct the management company to publish the newsletter more frequently. Check with the management company (303-429-2611) for submission deadline for articles and advertising.

Who Do I Contact For A Neighborhood Pet Problem?

Copperleaf Homeowners Association occasionally receives complaints about pets running loose or pets making excessive noise. If a pet is causing a persistent problem, you may contact the Arapahoe County Animal Control Center at 720-874-6750.

Can I Reserve The Association Greenbelts?

The association greenbelts are for use by residents only and are on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations are made and no permits are issued.

There are other area parks and pools available to residents that are owned and maintained by Arapahoe Park and Recreation District. For information about APRD facilities, click here.

What Are Private Loop Lanes?

Loop Lanes are private, concrete or asphalt streets that are maintained by the Association, in contrast to the paved, public streets which are owned and maintained by Arapahoe County. Parking is restricted on the loop lanes in accordance with the Cunningham Fire Protection District rules and regulations. The Association shall perform periodic maintenance as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

Is Overnight Parking Allowed in the Guest Parking Spaces Provided Next to the Loop Lanes?

At the current time, the Executive Board has determined that overnight parking is not permitted. The guest parking spaces are to be used only for guests and are not to be used for resident parking.

Design Review Committee Questions

When Do I Have To File A Design Review Improvement Request For Approval Form with the Design Review Committee (DRC)?

Any exterior alteration or addition to your house and/or landscape requires the submission of a Design Review Committee Request for Approval Form to the Design Review Committee for Copperleaf Homeowners Association (DRC). This includes the front, back and side yards. Forms may be obtained by calling the property manager at 303-429-2611 or you may print out the on-line version of the form by clicking here. You may access specific guidelines concerning DRC issues (the Residential Improvement Design Guidelines) by clicking here.

How Long Does It Take The Design Review Committee (DRC) To Review My Request?

The governing documents for Copperleaf Homeowners Association allow the DRC 45 days to review your request, however, most requests are handled in 7-10 business days. The DRC does not wait for monthly meetings to review requests. Requests are generally distributed to DRC members on the same business day that they are received in the management company’s office. Incomplete requests are returned to the homeowner, delaying the review process. Please read the instructions thoroughly and provide detailed information.

Who Should I Call With My Design Review Committee (DRC) Questions?

The management company is the proper office to call when you have DRC questions. Please do not attempt to contact our volunteer DRC members. Requests and questions must be routed through the property manager at 303-429-2611. Requests for Approval may be faxed to 303-429-2632.

Maintenance Questions

How Does Trash Removal Work at Copperleaf Homeowners Association?

Copperleaf Homeowners Association has a master contract with Waste Management (303-797-1600) for trash removal. The cost of trash removal is included in your semi-annual maintenance fee paid to the Association. Two 65-gallon toters, one each for trash and recycling, will be delivered to your address within 7-10 days after your closing. Trash pickup occurs every Tuesday and recycling service is every other Tuesday. Please have your toter at curbside by 7:00 a.m.

Recycling service is included in the trash fee. Waste Management does have guidelines concerning excess trash, weight of containers and large item pickup. You are encouraged to contact Waste Management to obtain these guidelines. For a copy of the recycling schedule, click here.

On weeks with a major holiday (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) that falls on a Tuesday, pickup will occur on Wednesday.

Trash Courtesy Reminders!

1. Trash containers must be stored in areas that are not visible from the street and are not visible to neighbors at all times.

2. Trash containers may be placed out for collection as early as the night before trash pickup day and empty containers should be returned to their proper storage area the day of trash collection. Trash should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays.

3. Trash should be secured within closed containers or tied trash bags. Please do not place out trash that can be blown all over the neighborhood.

4. If you are uncertain as to whether Waste Management will pickup your unusual trash (landscape debris, furniture, move in or move out trash, appliances, hazardous materials, etc), call Waste Management (303-797-1600).

Thank You For Your Cooperation

Who Should I Call When A Street Light Is Out?

Maintenance of street lighting is dependent on the area in which you reside. If your home is located north of the power line, maintenance and repair are the responsibility of Xcel Energy. When you notice a street light is not working properly, contact Xcel Energy at 800-481-4700 and report the cross-streets location and also the series of numbers on the light pole, if any, in order to receive the best service.

If you reside south of the power line, maintenance and repair are the responsibility of I.R.E.A. (303-688-3100). Please report the cross-street location to receive the best service.

Who Performs Street Maintenance?

Public streets in Copperleaf Homeowners Association are maintained by Arapahoe County. This includes street maintenance and snow removal. Problems can be reported to Arapahoe County at 720-874-6820. There may be a few private roads within the Copperleaf community.

When Will The Loop Lanes And Private Park Areas Be Landscaped?

In order to minimize construction damage to the landscaped area, these areas may not be landscaped completely until construction of all homes adjacent to these areas have been completed.

Who Maintains The Association Perimeter Fences And Greenbelt Fences?

In general, the Copperleaf perimeter fence and greenbelt fences are owned by the Association. Periodic replacement of these fences and periodic staining of the fences is done by the Association at the direction of the Board. The day-to-day maintenance and repair of these fences is the responsibility of the individual homeowners whose property adjoins these fences (see CC&R�s, Section 3.31). Individual lot boundary fences are the sole responsibility of the individual homeowner.

Copperleaf Arboretum Pool and Clubhouse Questions

Do Copperleaf Homeowners Association Residents Have The Use Of Any Recreational Amenities (Pool, Tennis Courts, Clubhouse)?

The Copperleaf Homeowners Association maintains The Arboretum, which consists of two pools, a tot playground, a clubhouse, and a half-court basketball/hockey playing area. There are no tennis courts. Several recreational facilities are also available in nearby locations for residents by the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District. For information about these facilities, please click here.

As the Copperleaf community develops, the Copperleaf Homeowners Association will maintain several themed parks with recreational amenities:

The Arboretum consists of an approximately four-acre complex which includes a community center, a 25-yard pool with six lap lanes, and a large, “zero-entry” youth pool with a Splash Park and various interactive water-play features. Additional features at this complex include a tot playground and picnic structure located adjacent to the pool fence. A half-court basketball/hockey playing area is scheduled for construction in late 2008. The Arboretum complex opened in June 2008 and is located adjacent to the Aspen Neighborhood.

Presidential Park, constructed in 2014, includes a tot playground and cherry trees providing the natural tie to the nation’s first President. In keeping with the cherry tree theme, this park is located in the Cherry Neighborhood.

Geology Park, constructed in 2007 in the Hawthorn Neighborhood, offers children and adults an opportunity to enjoy the natural elements, including a rock climbing wall and rock outcroppings.

Prehistoric Park, located in the Linden Neighborhood, includes dinosaur climbers, featured dinosaur fossils, and a themed playground for children.

Ecological Park, constructed in 2014 in the Cottonwood Neighborhood, features several animal climbers for children.

Ponderosa Park, anchored by ponderosa pines in the Ponderosa Neighborhood, features “wild west” plantings as well as a family-friendly playground “corral” with cow climbers and a western shelter.

Located within the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District, the proposed Copperleaf Community Park on Picadilly Street will offer a wide range of activities, which may include playing fields and picnic areas and numerous trailheads. It will also provide convenient access to the Copperleaf Wildland Trail Open Space Corridor, a natural system of more than ten miles of natural and concrete trails. These trails and open space areas will be maintained by the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District (APRD) and East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District (ECCV). Additional APRD recreational facilities in nearby locations are available for resident use. For information about these facilities, please click here.

What are the Rules for Using The Arboretum Pools?

Click here for a detailed list of the current Arboretum Pool Rules. In order to insure the safety and enjoyment of the pools, please pay particular attention to the following rules:

  • The pool hours are 10 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. The pools will be closed when the air temperature is 65’F. or below.
  • Members are required to bring their key FOBs with them to the pool. You may obtain a key FOB by completing the Pool Access Application by clicking here. There is a $30 replacement charge for every lost, stolen, or damaged key FOB.
  • In general, members must be “in good standing” (i.e., no delinquent dues and no unresolved covenant violations) in order to use The Arboretum pools.
  • Members may bring no more than 2 guests to The Arboretum pools each day. Currently, there are no guest fees, however, there may be guest fees (as determined by the Executive Board) in future years.
  • Children under age 13 may not enter The Arboretum pool complex unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • A responsible adult must be within “arm’s reach” in the water with all children ages 6 and under.

How Does My Key FOB Work?

Each household is issued two key FOBs. Please safeguard these items as there is a replacement charge of $30 per FOB for lost, damaged or stolen FOBs.

The FOB is programmed to open the main pool gate ONLY during pool open hours. If you arrive prior to 10 A.M. or later than 8 P.M., your key FOB will not permit entry.

Resident key FOBs will only allow access to The Arboretum pools and not to the clubhouse.

What Is The Arboretum Clubhouse and How May I Use It?

The clubhouse is a facility that may be used for special events. The Great Room can accommodate larger groups while the small Meeting Room offers a more intimate setting for smaller gatherings and meetings. To inquire about reserving or renting The Arboretum Clubhouse for a meeting or event, please contact the management company at 303.429.2611. Click here to obtain The Arboretum Clubhouse Rental Agreement.

The Copperleaf Homeowners Association Executive Board approves the use and administers the rental of The Arboretum Clubhouse in accordance with their published policies. Click here for a detailed copy of The Arboretum Clubhouse Rules. Please keep in mind the following regulations:

  • In general, the clubhouse is available on a rental basis to residents only on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Rental rates, damage deposit, and cleaning fees are specified in the rules. Rental fees include the required Event Monitor. The hourly rental fee applies to set-up and clean-up time as well as the actual event time.
  • There is a 4 hour minimum fee for all rental events.
  • Rental of the clubhouse includes use of the small meeting room and the outdoor patio area only.
  • Rental of the clubhouse in conjunction with use of the pools is strictly prohibited. The swimming pools are not available for rent.
  • Residents are required to clean the clubhouse thoroughly in order to receive a refund of their cleaning fee. As an alternative, residents may elect to hire the cleaning service used by the Association if they request this service at least 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled event.
  • The Event Monitor will provide the resident with access to the clubhouse for the period of their event.
  • The maximum occupancy for rental events is 100.
  • The large sofa, 4 leather club chairs and rug in the Great Room may not be moved from their current locations.
  • Alcohol may only be consumed in the clubhouse and on the patio. Alcohol consumption is not permitted outside the clubhouse or anywhere on the premises except within the clubhouse or patio.
  • No glass containers are permitted on the patio due to pool safety considerations.
  • Renter is responsible for removal of all trash from their event. Trash dumpsters are not provided and renters are not allowed to use the stationary trash containers at The Arboretum complex for their event trash.

Building Capacity and Available Features:
The clubhouse consists of a large Great Room, a small meeting room, a kitchen, a small coat closet, a janitorial closet, and restrooms. For photos of the clubhouse interior, click here.

  • In addition to the tables/chairs/furnishings in the clubhouse, the Association also provides 1 3′ folding table, 4 5� folding tables and approximately 30 folding chairs for residents to use during their rental event.
  • The Great Room (approximately 1700 useable sq. ft.) has a maximum capacity of: 100 theater-style; 70 banquet-style.
  • The small Meeting Room (approximately 100 useable sq. ft.) has a capacity for comfort of 8 persons using 2 square tables.
  • The outside patio (approximately 1500 useable sq. ft.) has a maximum capacity of: 50 banquet-style. Four ornamental iron bar-height tables with 4 chairs/table are provided on the patio.
  • High-speed wireless internet access is available (clubhouse and patio).
  • Music sound system (clubhouse only) consists of AM/FM radio and iPod docking station for you to use with your own iPod.
  • Kitchen appliances include: dishwasher, double stainless steel sink, electric range with oven, refrigerator/ freezer, convection wall oven, and convection/microwave oven. Dishes/cutlery/utensils/cooking equipment and other appliances are not provided.